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Oakland Amenity

STEP Hi Mag Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn 20kg

STEP Hi Mag Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn 20kg

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Step Hi-Mag replenishes any missing nutrients in your turf in order to obtain a healthy growth. It also prevents any future trace element deficiencies and can be used to help pre-stress condition the turf. Step Hi-Mag is made up of highly concentrated fine granules which ensure for quick dispersal.

It contains high levels of Magnesium to enrich turf color while also improving turf health. It is extremely useful in high-sand content areas where root zones have poor nutrient retention. Step Hi-Mag can be easily integrated into pre-existing fertilizer programs.

  • Contains all necessary trace elements for proper turf nutrition
  • Made up of highly concentrated fine granules; easy dispersion
  • High amounts of Magnesium to improve turf health and color
  • Great in high-sand content areas / pre-stress conditioning turf
  • Simple application process, results last up to 6 weeks
  • Compatible with other pre-existing fertilizer programs

Granule size (mm)


Pack size


Pack coverage

1,818 - 2,857m²

Application rate

7 - 11 g/m²

Granule Dispersal

2-3 days


6-8 weeks

Turf Response

7 days

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