ICL Sierraform GT 14.0.7+8%Ca+5%Mg+TE CalMag 20kg

ICL Sierraform GT 14.0.7+8%Ca+5%Mg+TE CalMag 20kg

  • £45.60

Sierraform GT CalMag is a zero phosphate mini-granular fertilizer supplying Ca and Mg and trace elements for turf growth and all-round plant health. The nitrogen is mostly MU-based for sustained release and steady even growth. The Sierraform GT range is renowned for improving turf root growth.

  • Compound granule formulation for even coverage
  • Added Ca and Mg and TE for when these nutrients are required.
  • MU formulation for sustained Nitrogen release.
  • Contains SeaMax to provide extra rooting and turf stress management.
  • Great granulation for low application rates.


6-8 Weeks

Pack size

20 kg

Application rate

15-30 g/m2

Bag coverage

665-1330 m2

Granule dispersal

1-3 days

Turf response

4-7 days