ICL Sierrablen Plus Renovator 20.20.8 25kg

ICL Sierrablen Plus Renovator 20.20.8 25kg

  • £52.80

SierrablenPlus Renovator 20-20-8 (3 months) provides ideal nutrition for over-seeding and when planting new turf. Its mini-granules ensure even distribution for young seedlings or new turf while a controlled nutrient release minimizes burning.

The controlled release Nitrogen meets plant requirements for quick establishment and lush sward. Its high Phosphate levels encourage strong root growth.


3 Months

Granule size


Avg Recommended Rate

30 g/m²

Product Dispersal

7 days (visually dispersed from surface)

Recommended Rate

25.00 - 35.00 g/m²

Turf Response

7 days