ICL Vitalnova Stressbuster 10L

ICL Vitalnova Stressbuster 10L

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7.0.0 - 2%Fe - 14% Plant Sugars - 5% Wetting Agent - 4% Amino Acid

Vitalnova Stressbuster is a specially formulated liquid treatment to help condition turf against stress and also aid recovery from stress.

Stressbuster contains a unique combination of macro and micro nutrients, wetting agents, biostimulants and amino acids. The iron content is specifically included to provide an instant colour response and help guard against biotic stresses.

Turf response



3 - 4 weeks

Pack size

10 litre and 200 litre

Application rate

25 - 50 L/ha

Water rate

400 - 600 L/ha

Recommended treatment frequency