ICL Sierraform GT Anti-Stress 15.0.26+Fe 20Kg

ICL Sierraform GT Anti-Stress 15.0.26+Fe 20Kg

  • £48.00

SierraformGT Anti-Stress 15-0-26+Fe is perfect for using as a pre-stress conditioner. Half of the Nitrogen is slowly made available, which minimizes growth surges. It comes equipped with ICL's patented MU2 and SilK coating technologies.

The added Iron content enhances turf color. Its high levels of Potassium help to harden turf during stressful conditions in summer and autumn conditions. Additionally, its Phosphate free formulation assists in managing Phosphorous buildup in the soil. It is particularly suited for use on fine turf areas.

Granule size


Avg Recommended Rate

25 g/m²

Product Dispersal

2-3 days

Recommended Rate

20.00 - 30.00 g/m²

Turf Response

7 days