ICL Greenmaster Autumn 6.5.11+6%Fe 25kg

ICL Greenmaster Autumn 6.5.11+6%Fe 25kg

  • £39.60

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn provides enough Phosphate and Potash to stimulate root development while discouraging soft growth. Low ammonium Nitrogen content helps to initiate plant growth while avoiding lush and weak growth.

With its 6% Iron content, growers need to avoid using it on area’s that contain moss, as it negatively affects its growth pattern. Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn strengthens the sward to overcome any mechanical-related damage and improves the overall health and appearance of fine turf.

Granule size



6 Weeks

Product Dispersal

3-4 days

Recommended Rate

30.00 - 35.00 g/m²

Turf Response

7 days