ICL Sierraform GT Spring Start 16.0.16+Fe+Mn

ICL Sierraform GT Spring Start 16.0.16+Fe+Mn

  • £38.00

SierraformGT Spring Start 16-0-16+Fe+Mn is a homogenous, mini-granule fertilizer. It comes equipped with ICL's patented MU2 and SilK coating technologies The added Iron enriches turf color while the Manganese component increases photosynthesis.

It has a low MU content which allows for better greening in the early growing season when temperatures are cooler. This also encourages a hearty, even growth. Its Phosphate free formulation assists with managing Phosphorous buildup.

Granule size



6-8 weeks

Avg. recommended rate

25 g/m²

Recommended rate

20.00 - 30.00 g/m²