ICL Greenmaster Zero Phosphate  14.0.10+3%Mg 25Kg

ICL Greenmaster Zero Phosphate 14.0.10+3%Mg 25Kg

  • £37.20

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate has high Nitrogen levels to allow for correct top growth and recovery during periods of heavy use. The high Potassium content hardens turf in stressful summer or winter conditions.

The high Magnesium content encourages healthy plant growth, good colour and masks symptoms of stress. Zero Phosphate's levels of Nitrogen allow for proper top-growth and good recovery from heavy use.

Phosphate-free formulation aids management of soil Phosphorus build-up.

Granule size



6 Weeks

Application rate

30.00 - 35.00 g/m²

Average application rate

35 g/m²

Product dispersal

3-4 days

Turf response

7 days